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Our system retrieves all the daily SEC Form 4 filings and generates a proprietary newsletter giving you:

– Top insider buys/sells
– Insider trading history
– Insider holdings/transactions of other companies where they are considered insiders.

You receive our newsletter free by email.

Our Philosophy (in no particular order)

– Nobody knows the prospects of a company better than corporate management and the insiders who know the pulse of the company on a day to day basis

– Insiders buy their stock generally when they believe they will gain more value than if the money were invested/saved/spent elsewhere

– Insiders sell their stock generally when they believe they will gain less value than if the money were invested/saved/spent elsewhere

– Looking at insider trading  should not simply be a step in searching for stocks to buy/sell, but the first step in beginning the search.

– Because an insider who buys/sells company stock must do so in a way that does not indicate trading on privileged information, it is of little use having real-time instantaneous notification of an insider purchase. If an insider buys/sells today, it is not because the company is going to make a major announcement tomorrow.

– Daytrading does not work – not for individuals over any extended period of time. Daytrading does work for computer systems that are executing tens of thousands of trades a day where they may be making up to $100 per trade after commissions…for a $1,000,000 trade. 

– Buy and hold always works. Recently, some leading firms would have investors believe “buy and hold no longer works”. This phrase was all over the place for about six months as the markets bottomed during the past two years. Those who spewed this had a vested interest in seeing people trade/churn. As markets and individual stocks have recovered, anyone who changed their thinking and actually believed the phrase has lost. As has always been the case over the long term, simply sticking to a sound investment philosophy, continuing to invest regularly in high quality stocks would have been the best approach.

Visit us at www.insider-alerts.com or drop us a note at info@insider-alerts.com


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